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RCA 44BX Velocity Microphone



The American microphone legend

  • defining studio microphone in American recording history, especially between 1940 and 1960
  • developed under the leadership of the inventor of the figure-of-eight microphone, Harry F. Olsen
  • preceded by several similarly constructed figure-of-eight models with different magnet arrangements and lower sensitivities (e.g. PB31, PB90, 44A)
  • model for various replicas, including Melodium 42B, Marconi AXBT, Philips 9522 and Electro-Voice V1
  • more than 30 cm long (incl. stand mount swivel)
  • consistent figure-of-eight pattern
  • wide cut of 2 dB in the presence range
  • organic, round sound
  • model version: MI-4027-B
  • manufacturing period: 1939-1958

Favourite applications: vocals, brass instruments, saxophone, room microphone (drums!). First choice for all sources with a harsh presence

  • 1 Day35 €
  • 2 Days58 €
  • Weekend
    75 €