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Neumann Gefell M15/M16 similar to Neumann M50

Neumann Gefell M15/M16

Neumann Gefell M15/M16

A masterpiece of East German engineering

  • The M15/M16 manufactured by Neumann Gefell was the successful response of the East German Betriebslaboratorium für Rundfunk und Fernsehen (BRF) to the Neumann M50 developed by the Nordwestdeutscher Rundfunk (NWDR).
  • The main differences to the M50 are the smaller sound diffraction sphere (35 instead of 40mm Ø) and the larger diaphragm (20 instead of 12mm Ø).
  • consists of the M15 tube amplifier section (tube: EC92) and the M16 pressure transducer built into a Plexiglas sphere
  • sound diffraction sphere causes directivity in the mid frequencies and a uniform increase in the frequency response (as with the M50 approx. 6 dB at 9-10 kHz)
  • fine resolution, voluminous bass reproduction; low noise (16 dBA)
  • matched stereo pair
  • manufacturing start: 1958 / further information in our library

Favourite applications: First choice for AB stereo micing of orchestras and large ensembles. Brilliant sound in the near field

  • 1 Day54 €
  • 2 Days90 €
  • Weekend
    117 €