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Korg Mono/Poly Analog-Synthesizer

Korg Mono/Poly

4-VCO synthesizer with an unmistakable character of its own

The Mono/Poly is one corner-stone among those classic monophonic synthesizers. Its front panel is spacious and sports a plethora of rotary controls, slide switches, and momentary switches. The concept the Mono/Poly is based on is bound to yield timbral surprises.
The instrument can be played polyphonically as well, yet there is only one VCF and one VCA for all four voices.

  • Sound Generation
    There are four oscillators with the same feature set which can be synchronized to each other. They can also be used for cross-modulation between them by using the Effects switch. The frequency of the synced oscillators can alternatively be controlled by either the filter envelope generator or LFO 1 (which produces four different wave-shapes). The volume of all four oscillators can be adjusted separately which makes the degree of complexity very flexible.
  • Performance Tools
    When in Poly Mode, the internal arpeggiator can be used for creating some enormously infective electro loops since each of the four oscillators is triggered one after the other. The arpeggiator can be synchronized to a variety of external clock signals (from drum computers like Roland's TR-808, TR-909, or LinnDrum, for starters) – instant fun and instant electro jam gratification.

    The Bender wheel is endowed with more than just one single function – it can be used to control the pitch of oscillators 2,3, and 4 simultaneously when the Modulation section is active: Picture three synchronized oscillators sweeping and the massive effect this can have on any timbre.
  • Sound
    In terms of character, the Mono/Poly tends to be slighter softer than its contemporary, the Pro-One (which does not necessarily cross harsh-sounding stuff off the list). It can provide very animated and complex tones from juicy sync'ed bass, powerful leads, and a vast range of off-the-wall sound effects which are all a major strength of the Mono/Poly. Its envelope generators are snappy enough for noisy and metallic-sounding percussion.
    Thanks to the audible artefacts, particularly with timbres lacking overtones, the Mono/Poly has quite a bit of lo-fi lure to it.     
  • manufacturing period: 1981-1984
  • weight (with/without case): 20/12 kg
  • 1 Day50 €
  • 2 Days75 €
  • Weekend
    100 €