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Shure 520DX Green Bullet

Shure 520 DX

Shure 520DX Bluesharp Microphone

A classic for the micing of a harmonica

  • the “green bullet”
  • there are countless predecessor models – in the thirties already Shure manufactured microphones with this distinctive body design
  • it is held in the hand together with the instrument
  • unbalanced jack cable output for the connection to a high impedance input (guitar amplifier, for instance)
  • there is a DI box needed for the direct connection to a mixing console
  • volume control on the body
  • the excellence of the microphone is also its weakness: high frequencies are not transmitted which is the reason why it takes the edge off the blues harp sound
  • manufacturing period: since 1996

Favourite applications: blues harp, effect microphone for vocals and drums

  • 1 Day7 €
  • 2 Days12 €
  • Weekend
    16 €