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Sennheiser MKH-30 RF Microphone

Sennheiser MKH30

Sennheiser MKH30

The figure-8 of the MKH series

  • the MKH30 was after the MKH40 (cardioid) and the MKH20 (omni) the third model of a newly developed generation of RF microphones in the mid 80s. In this series followed the MKH50 (supercardioid), the two shotgun mics MKH60 and MKH70 and the switchable MKH80
  • low distortion and exceptionally low inherent self-noise
  • approximately linear frequency response results in a powerful bass (which can be alleviated with a bass roll-off) and rounded, smooth treble
  • a slightly darker sound than e.g. Schoeps CMC6 + MK8
  • for recording with MS stereo we offer also the MKH40 (the double mic clamp MZD30 is included)
  • manufacturing period: since 1986

Favourite applications: MS stereo microphone technique (with MKH40). Also well usable as a spot microphone, where a high attenuation of lateral sound incidence is required. Due to its neutral sound characteristics it's especially used in classical productions

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  • Weekend
    44 €