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Equipment Rental

Schoeps Colette CMC6 + MK4 + UMS20

Schoeps Colette CMC6

First and, to this day, leading small diaphragm modular system in which the amplifier section and capsule can be spatially separated from each other

  • supreme manufacturing quality
  • approved output circuit without a transformer
  • consistent polar pattern
  • very high definition
  • very natural sound with little colouring
  • especially popular for classic recordings
  • is used more and more in pop music (grand piano, acoustic guitar, overhead)
  • Echoschall is official rental and dealer for Schoeps microphones. Our rental range currently consists of six CMC6 microphone amplifiers and 15 capsules. It will be continuously expanded
  • we rent Schoeps microphones with Rycote swing mount INV-7 or microphone clamp
  • optional accessory: stereo bar UMS20Neumann DA-KM (Elastic Suspension for M/S), active cable KC5 (3x), active variable low-cut filter Cut-1
  • the price is for one CMC6 + MK
  • manufacturing period: since 1973

Favourite applications of the currently hirable capsules:

  • MK2S (omni with moderate high-frequency boost, 2 capsules): Most universal omni capsule from Schoeps, ideal for AB stereo
  • MK21 (wide cardioid, 2 capsules): warm sound, suitable for acoustic guitar, vocals among others
  • MK4 (cardioid, 5 capsules): very flexible application
  • MK41 (supercardioid, 2 capsules): high directivity, therefore particularly suitable for recording of speech and music in acoustically difficult rooms, largely hides the reverb sound
  • MK41S (supercardioid with bass roll-off, 2 capsules): similar to MK41, but optimized for near distance < 50cm, hihat recording, close talking
  • MK8 (figure-8, 2 capsules): Blumlein- and m/s-stereo

The following stereo applications are possible:

  • AB (2x MK2S)
  • ORTF (2x MK4)
  • X/Y (2x MK4)
  • M/S (MK8 + MK2S or MK21 or MK4)
  • Blumlein (2x MK8)
  • Olson Stereo 180° (2x MK41)
  • 1 Day18 €
  • 2 Days30 €
  • Weekend
    39 €