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Neumann KM83

Neumann KM83

Neumann KM83

Proven omni microphone from Neumann's first (and still popular) solid-state microphone series "fet 80"

  • first microphone series with 48V phantom power
  • amplifier sections of KM83 (omni), KM84 (cardioid) and KM85 (cardioid with bass roll-off) are identical
  • pad switch (-10 dB)
  • the KM83 was successor of the tube models KM53/KM63 and manufactured over a quarter of a century
  • diffuse-field equalized (6 dB treble boost)
  • in contrast to the currently available KM183 the amplifier section is equipped with an output transformer
  • the two items for hire have consecutive serial numbers and are ideal for AB stereo recordings
  • manufacturing period: 1966 up to 1992

Favourite applications: main microphone for orchestra and large ensembles; recording of choirs, room and atmos

  • 1 Day20 €
  • 2 Days34 €
  • Weekend
    44 €