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Neumann KM86

Neumann KM86

Neumann KM86

The Motown microphone

  • particularly in the 1970s, a popular all round microphone in a number of large recording studios
  • Motown started to use exclusively KM86s in 1968 (about 40 pieces)
  • free selection of polar pattern (omni, cardioid, figure-8)
  • as with its direct predecessors KM66 and KM76 there are back-to-back mounted cardioid capsules with one diaphragm (instead of an ordinary double-diaphragm capsule)
  • very good low frequency transmission even with figure-8
  • equipped with the same capsule type as the KM84
  • due to the acoustic effect of the basket there are tonal differences to the KM84
  • manufacturing period: 1968-1986

Favourite applications: very versatile! speech, vocals, overhead, acoustic guitar, piano, harp, string ensembles, woodwinds amongst others

  • 1 Day22 €
  • 2 Days36 €
  • Weekend
    47 €