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Microtech Gefell M 221 Pressure Transducer

Microtech Gefell M221

Microtech Gefell M221

High-precision microphones for a first-class main microphone system

  • high-quality pressure transducer with screwed ½" nickel capsule
  • except for the housing surface identical in construction with the measuring microphone MV225 P48 + capsule MK221
  • excellent impulse response
  • high sensitivity thanks to very high capsule voltage (200 V)
  • suitable for near-field applications without acoustical equalization ball due to its linear frequency response
  • optional high-frequency boost (approx. 6 dB) can be achieved with the supplied KA3 (Ø 3cm) and KA4 (Ø 4cm) sphere attachments - therefore the microphone is also excellent for use in diffuse fields. Here are the frequency responses
  • pleasant sound, by no means "cold" or "clinical"
  • three items for hire
  • manufacturing period: since 2011

Favourite applications: Excellent main microphone (Decca Tree, AB Stereophony). Also well usable for close-up recordings

  • 1 Day22 €
  • 2 Days36 €
  • Weekend
    47 €