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Coles 4038

Coles 4038

Coles 4038

The classic English ribbon mic

  • BBC development of the early 1950s
  • commercial version of the BBC Type PGS. Body housing with the dished area is based on the Type PGD
  • first manufactured by STC, since 1974 made by Coles
  • because of its peculiar design the 4038 is called optionally “waffle iron” or “shoehorn”
  • excellent transient response due to its ultra thin alu ribbon
  • consistent figure-8 polar pattern
  • flat frequency response between 150 Hz and 9 kHz
  • smooth, rich sound
  • incl. shockmount mic to stand adapter 4072
  • stereo mount MS-4038 (Blumlein, M/S) optionally for hire
  • manufacturing period: since 1955

Favourite applications: For decades the preferred overhead microphone of many renowned sound engineers (Ken Scott, Hugh Padgham, Steve Albini, Ed Cherney). Also best suitable for brass, saxophone, upright bass, percussion, grand piano, room

  • 1 Day24 €
  • 2 Days40 €
  • Weekend
    50 €