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Neumann W75ta low-cut filter

Neumann W75ta Low-Cut Filter

classic low-cut filter from the late fifties

  • comes from an era in which neither microphones nor preamps were provided with a low-cut
  • passively built
  • selectable limiting frequencies: 40, 80, 113, 160 Hz
  • determined hi-cut at 15 kHz
  • manufactured also as studio module under the name Neumann W75k (same housing as V72)
  • manufacturing start: 1959

Favourite application: usually employed in the signal path between microphone (Neumann U47, M49, for instance) and mic preamp (Lorenz V241, Siemens V77, for instance) 

  • 1 Day5 €
  • 2 Days8 €
  • Weekend
    10 €