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Delivering a Neumann tube mic to you?!

  • We are shipping quickly & reliable almost all items in our assortment within Germany and to Austria. Excluded from shipping are only Keyboards, Stands and absorbers.
  • The minimum rental period for customers in Germany are 3 days and for shipping customers from Austria 7 days.
  • The delivery time will not be charged.
  • Shipping is insured by Echoschall. An additional shipping insurance does not have to be taken out for the return.
  • Payment is in advance, a deposit must not be lodged. The customer receives the invoice after sending scans of the identity card and other documents which may be the required.
  • Shipping occurs the day before the rental period with DHL Express. After delivery of the package we will send the tracking number to the customer.
  • For returning it suffices to choose the DHL standard delivery – except there is a subsequent reservation for the rental equipment. After delivery of the package the customer will also send us the tracking number.
  • Within Berlin we deliver the required equipment also by courier.
  • Please reserve in time!